Current Planning & Construction of Capital City Bikeway

The City of Saint Paul is currently planning, designing, and constructing portions of the Capital City Bikeway (CCB).

  • CCB Kellogg Boulevard Phase 2 is in the design process and is scheduled to be constructed in 2025 on Kellogg Boulevard between St Peter Street and West 7th Street. 
  • CCB Kellogg Boulevard Phase 1 was mostly constructed in 2023. The segment between Wabasha Street and St Peter Street will be constructed in 2024.
  • CCB on Minnesota Street was constructed in 2023 from Kellogg Boulevard to 7th Street and will be constructed in 2024 from 7th Street to 11th Street.

Capital City Bikeway Overview

Capital City Bikeway Logo
The Capital City Bikeway is a network of bicycle facilities throughout downtown Saint Paul. The bikeway network will connect to existing trails and on-street bikeways, allowing people comfortable and convenient bicycle access to and through downtown. 

The development of bicycle facilities in the downtown was a top priority of the Saint Paul Bicycle Plan, adopted by City Council in March 2015. Following the adoption of the City’s Bicycle Plan, the City developed the Capital City Bikeway: Network Study and Design Guide in 2016, which includes a bikeway network study, bikeway network map, bikeway design guide, and bikeway implementation plan.

The first segment of the Capital City Bikeway was completed in 2017 along Jackson Street from University Avenue to Kellogg Boulevard. The second segment (north corridor) on 9th Street/10th Street was completed in 2020 as an interim design. The west corridor will be along Wabasha Street. A portion of the Wabasha Street segment from Kellogg Boulevard to 7th Street was constructed in 2022. The south corridor will be along Kellogg Boulevard, with construction completed in 2023 from Robert Street to Wabasha Street (Phase 1) and planned in 2024 and 2025 (Phase 2). 

Capital City Bikeway Rendering

Last Edited: February 22, 2024