Join us in taking the #4SaintPaul Challenge

It is an exciting time in the City of Saint Paul. We’re growing into a diverse, dynamic, 21st-century global community. All of us, through our everyday actions, has the power to impact the lives of those around us and shape our city’s future. Join us in taking the 4SaintPaul Challenge. If all 300,000 of us can do just four simple, specific things for ourselves, for someone around us, for our community, and on a public level, we can make truly ensure our city works for all of us. 

Mayor Melvin Carter


It all starts with you! When each of us is at our best, our city is at its best. What’s one thing you can do that will help you become a better you? Maybe it’s reading a book, taking a class to learn a new skill, hitting the gym, or taking a walk around a nearby lake or park. We challenge you to take the first step to make our city stronger by investing in yourself!

Here are some ideas to get you started:


What’s something you can do to make life easier or better for someone around you? Maybe it’s helping a family member or neighbor with their homework. Maybe it’s shoveling a neighbor’s sidewalk or taking a little extra time to mow their lawn. Perhaps you can remind a neighbor to move their car for a snow emergency or sign up to be a mentor or coach. Whatever it is, make it something real and something from the heart.

Here’s some more information on ways you can help someone around you who calls our city home:


We all want to live in a neighborhood where we’re all connected and that we’re proud to call home. What little thing can you do to bring people together in your part of the city or help it look better? Take a few minutes to pick up litter on your block. Maybe as a neighbor to help. Plant a garden in your yard or join up with neighbors to create a community garden. Host a get together with your neighbors as part of National Night Out or any other night of the week!

Each of us has the power to make our corner of the city better! Here are some ideas:


Building a city and a society that works for all of us is only possible when all of us use our voices. As Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King said, you don’t need to have a college degree or make your subject and verb agree to serve. All it takes is the willingness to speak up about what matters to you. It can be as simple as writing a letter your local or national elected official about an issue that matters to you. You can attend a community meeting, come to a city council meeting, join your neighborhood district council, or apply for appointment to a board or commission. What one thing will you do to bring your ideas and concerns into the conversation about our community’s future?

Last Edited: February 24, 2022