The following numbers are for City agencies who are responsible for responding to various nuisances:

  • Police Department - 651-291-1111

    • For nuisance and other non-emergency calls
    • If you wish to speak to a particular unit, please say so when you call.
  • Emergency - 9-1-1
    • For police, fire, or emergency medical services
  • City Information and Complaint line - 651-266-8989
    • For general information, or concerns, or to report a complaint when a specific department is not known
    • For any property nuisance outside a building (such as unkempt property, weeds, garbage, junk cars)
    • For housing code violations for single family houses and duplexes
  • Fire Prevention, Fire Marshal, Certificate of Occupancy - 651-266-8989
    • For building or housing code complaints about apartment buildings (anything with three or more dwelling units), commercial and industrial buildings.
    • For other problems which may be a potential fire hazard or for non-emergency hazardous waste incidents
  • Animal Control - 651-266-1100
    • For animal bites, complaints, quarantine information, and other animal related issues or concerns
  • Board of Zoning Appeals - 651-266-9082
    • For information about zoning, variances and appeals
  • Building Code (Construction Permits All Trades) DSI - 651-266-8989
    • For building permit information
  • City Clerk - 651-266-8688
    • Maintains records and legal actions pertaining to the City of Saint Paul
  • City Council / Council Secretary - 651-266-8560
    • For information about council meetings, proposed resolutions and ordinances, other agenda items, policy sessions, or Council Research reports
  • Department of Safety and Inspections (DSI) - 651-266-8989
    • For concerns or questions about licensed businesses, environmental hazards, building permits, and inspections
  • Housing Complaints - 651-266-8989
  • Legislative Hearing Officer - 651-266-8575
    • For information about appeals of housing, building, public health, certificate of occupancy, fire code orders, and to object to licenses application
  • Vacant Buildings - 651-266-8989
    • For vacant building complaints
  • Zoning - 651-266-9008
    • For complaints or inquiries about zoning regulations

For some complaints it may be necessary or desirable to contact other units of government or other agencies. More telephone numbers for agencies and organizations are mentioned within the topics of the Table of Contents of this handbook.

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Last Edited: July 12, 2021