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About Rec Check

Saint Paul Parks and Recreation offers after-school and other out-of-school time care for youth at multiple recreation centers across the City. Rec Check programs are open for youth who live or attend school in Saint Paul. Children participate in a variety of structured, supervised activities that are recreation focused. These may include arts and crafts, community building games, quiet time, homework help (during the school year) and more. To promote health and fitness, staff will engage the youth daily in physical activity. A daily snack is also provided.

Rec Check Programs

Program Grades Days Saint Paul Public Schools is... Times Price
School Year Rec Check Grades 1-5 (currently enrolled school-year) Mon - Fri  in session 2 -6 p.m.  Free
      not in session 1 - 4 p.m. Free
Rec Check Extended Grades 1-5 (currently enrolled school-year) Varies not in session 8:30 a.m. - 5 p.m  $10/day
Summer Rec Check Entering grades 1-6 (in the upcoming fall) Mon - Thur not in session vary by site Free

Registration Information

Registration is available online or over the phone by calling the recreation center directly. (A list of sites and contact information is available below.) Rec Check enrollment will be limited to 28-30 youth per site with a 1:14 staff to participant ratio. Registration is taken on a first-come, first-serve basis. 

2020-2021 School Year Rec Check

For the school year, a list of session dates are below and participants will be required to register for the specific days that they wish to attend within those sessions. While Rec Check is divided into sessions, reservations are taken on a rolling basis (pending availability). You can register online at anytime or contact the location you wish to register for more information. 

Session  Session Dates No Programming Dates Registration opens
Session 1 Sep 14 - Oct 14, 2020   Aug 24, 2020
Session 2 Oct 19 - Nov 13, 2020   Sep 28, 2020
Session 3 Nov 16 - Dec 22, 2020 Nov 20, 26-27 Oct 26, 2020
Session 4 Jan 4 - Feb 12, 2021 Jan 18, 29 Dec 14, 2020
Session 5 Feb 16 - Apr 1, 2021 Mar 5, 26 Jan 25, 2021
Session 6  Apr 12 - Jun 11, 2021 May 31 Mar 22, 2021

Register for School Year Rec Check

2021 Summer Rec Check (formerly Summer Blast) 

Summer Rec Check (formerly known as Summer Blast) registration opens on April 12. Summer Rec Check still has everything you love about our previous Blast program, but with a new name!  Activities include crafts, art, tennis, cooking, swimming, gym games, water fun, outdoor nature activities, outdoor play, fitness, kitchen science, field trips and more. Partnering with the Saint Paul Public Library, youth are encouraged to keep reading all summer through fun literature activities and programs. A daily snack is provided.  

Register for Summer Rec Check

Site locations

Center Phone # Rec Check Rec Check Extended Summer Rec Check
Arlington Hills Community Center 651-632-3861 X   X
Battle Creek Recreation Center 651-501-6347      
Dayton's Bluff Recreation Center 651-793-3885 X   X
Duluth & Case Recreation Center 651-298-5709     X
Edgcumbe Recreation Center 651-695-3711 X   X
El Rio Vista Recreation Center 651-789-2500 X   X
Frogtown Community Center  651-298-5820 X   X
Groveland Recreation Center 651-695-3714      
Hancock Recreation Center 651-298-4393 X   X
Hayden Heights Recreation Center 651-298-5716 X   X
Hazel Park Recreation Center 651-501-6350 X X X
Highland Park Community Center 651-695-3706      
Highwood Hills Recreation Center 651-266-6391 X   X
Jimmy Lee/Oxford Community Center 651-642-0650 X X X
Langford Recreation Center 651-298-5765 X   X
Linwood Recreation Center 651-298-5660     X
Martin Luther King Recreation Center 651-290-8695 X   X
McDonough Recreation Center 651-558-2171 X   X
Merriam Park Recreation Center 651-298-5766     X
North Dale Recreation Center 651-558-2329 X X X
Northwest Como Recreation Center 651-295-5813      
Palace Community Center 651-298-5677 X   X
Phalen Recreation Center 651-793-6600 X   X
Rice Recreation Center 651-298-5727 X   X
West Minnehaha Recreation Center 651-298-5823 X   X
Wilder Recreation Center 651-298-5727 X   X

Some recreation centers are not holding Rec Check this year due to limited space and staff availability. Additionally, Highland Park Community Center, Northwest Como, Groveland, and Battle Creek recreation centers offer full-day S'more Fun childcare programs. 

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Last Edited: April 9, 2021