Field Rentals

imageAthletic Facility Rentals & Reservations

The Saint Paul Parks and Recreation Department has athletic facilities in all areas of the city available to rent for sports leagues, family reunions, parties and more. Both traditional and synthetic turfs are available. Facilities include fields for soccer, football, lacrosse, softball and baseball as well as an archery range and batting cages. Fields can be rented at any of our recreation center locations, or at any of the parks or athletic complexes listed below. 

Rental Rates

Fields at Athletic Complexes & Parks

Field rentals at parks and athletic complexes are handled by nearby recreation centers, partner organizations*, or Saint Paul Municipal Athletics**.

Site Address Rental Contact Phone
Aldine Park 1717 Iglehart Ave. Saint Paul, MN 55104 Merriam Park Recreation Center 651-298-5766
Arlington/Arkwright Athletic Fields** 400 Arlington Ave E. Saint Paul, MN 55130 Municipal Athletics 651-558-2255
Baker Park 209 Page St. W. Saint Paul, MN 55107 El Rio Vista Recreation Center 651-789-3690
Belvidere Park* 291 Belvidere St. E. Saint Paul MN 55107 West Side Boys and Girls Club 651-222-2212
Como Park Fields Como Park north of Horton Ave Northwest Como Recreation Center 651-298-5813
Conway Park* 2090 Conway Ave Saint Paul, MN 55119 The Sanneh Foundation 651-501-6343
Desnoyer Park 525 Pelham Blvd. Saint Paul, MN 55104 Merriam Park Recreation Center 651-298-5766
Dunning Sports Complex** 1221 Marshall Ave Saint Paul, MN 55105 Municipal Athletics 651-558-2255
Eastview Park 1675 5th St. E. Saint Paul, MN 55106 Duluth & Case Recreation Center 651-298-5709
Front Park 485 Stinson St. Saint Paul, MN 55117 North Dale Recreation Center 651-558-2329
Frost Lake Park* 1421 Hoyt Ave. E. Saint Paul, MN 55106 Frost Lake Elementary School 651-293-8930
Griggs Park 1188 Hubbard Ave Saint Paul, MN 55104 Hancock Recreation Center 651-298-4393
Highwood Hills Park 2192 Londin Ln. Saint Paul, MN 55119 Battle Creek Recreation Center 651-501-6347
Homecroft Park 1850 Sheridan Ave. Saint Paul, MN 55116 Highland Park Community Center 651-695-3706
Margaret Park 1109 Margaret St. Saint Paul, MN 55106 Dayton's Bluff Recreation Center 651-793-3885
McMurray Fields** 1155 Jessamine Ave W Saint Paul, MN 55108 Municipal Athletics 651-558-2255
Newell Park 900 Fairview Ave. N. Saint Paul, MN 55104 Hancock Recreation Center 651-298-4393
Orchard Park* 875 Orchard Ave Saint Paul, MN 55103 Blackhawks Soccer 651-894-2437
Pig's Eye Archery Range 1200 Warner Rd, St Paul, MN 55106 Park Permit Office 651-632-5111
Prosperity Park 1371 Kennard St. Saint Paul, MN 55106 Hazel Park Recreation Center 651-501-6350
Rice & Arlington Sports Complex** 1500 Rice St. Saint Paul, MN 55117 Municipal Athletics 651-558-2255
Rice & Arlington Batting Cages** 1500 Rice Street Saint Paul, MN 55117 Rice & Arlington Batting Cages 651-558-2117
Sackett Park* 1620 Ames Ave. Saint Paul, MN 55106 East Side Boys and Girls Club 651-774-5654
South Saint Anthony Park* 890 Cromwell Ave Saint Paul, MN 55114 Joy of the People Soccer Club 651-298-5770
Saint Clair Park 265 Oneida St. Saint Paul, MN 55102 Linwood Recreation Center 651-298-5660
Sylvan Park 77 Rose Ave. W. Saint Paul, MN 55117 Rice Recreation Center 651-558-2392
Valley Park* 690 Jackson St. Saint Paul, MN 55130 Mt. Airy Boys and Girls Club 651-221-0330
Webster Park 700 Laurel Ave. Saint Paul, MN 55104 Martin Luther King Recreation Center 651-290-8695

*Rentals available through partner organization
**Rentals available through Municipal Athletics

Recreation Center Fields

The recreation centers below have fields available for rent. Contact the center for more information.