Bicycle Projects

The following is a list of current and upcoming construction projects or planning studies with a significant bicycle component.


2016 Saint Paul Resurfacing Projects

  • Cayuga Street - Jackson Street to L'Orient Street
  • Hamline Ave - University Avenue to Minnehaha Avenue
  • Summit Ave - Victoria Street to Dale Street - The existing bicycle lanes will be replaced in the current configuration.
  • Mississippi River Boulevard - Western city limit to Dayton Ave - The existing southbound bike lane will be replaced in the current configuration.


2016 Ramsey County Resurfacing Projects


2016 Saint Paul Projects

  • Raymond Avenue Phase III - Energy Park Drive to Como Avenue - This street reconstruction project will implement bicycle lanes.
  • Wheelock Parkway - Rice Street to Edgerton Street - This is a component of the Saint Paul Grand Round. The project will reconstruct the roadway and will implement an off-street bicycle path.
  • Wabasha Street - Fillmore Avenue to Plato Boulevard - This street reconstruction project will implement new bike lanes to close a critical gap in the existing Wabasha Avenue bike lanes.
  • Jackson Street - Shepard Road to 11th Street - This street reconstruction project will include construction of the first segment of the Capital City Bikeway (CCB).
  • University Avenue - Robert Street to I-35E - This street reconstruction project will include an off-street path along the north side of University Avenue between Jackson Street and I-35E. The trail will be an extension of the Gateway State Trail, which intersects University Avenue at L'Orient Street.
  • Lilydale Road Phase III - A portion of lilydale road will be reconstructed in 2016. The project will add bikeable shoulders to the roadway. The adjacent trail is in good condition and will not be reconstructed.
  • Chatsworth Street - The City will be reconstructing a number of residential streets south of Horton Avenue and East of Lexington Parkway. Shared lane markings will be installed on Chatsworth Street and Van Slyke Avenue between Front Avenue and Horton Avenue.
  • Pierce Butler Ramp at Lexington Parkway - This project will construct an off-street path connection between Pierce Butler Route and Lexington Parkway.
  • Otto Avenue - West 7th Street to Shepard Road - A new off-street shared use path will be constructed along Otto Avenue.
  • Victoria Park Trail - An off-street path will be constructed through Victoria Park from the intersection of Shepard Road and Otto Avenue to the existing trail through the park beneath the railroad corridor.
  • Greenbrier Street - Wells Street to Maryland Avenue - This project will establish Greenbrier Street as a bicycle boulevard.
  • Payne Avenue at Bedford Avenue Intersection - This intersection reconstruction project will implement bicycle lanes on Payne Avenue.
  • Payne Avenue at W 7th Street Intersection - This intersection reconstruction project will implement bicycle lanes on Payne Avenue.
  • Como Avenue - Como Boulevard to Dale Street - This project will implement bicycle lanes on Como Ave.


2017 Saint Paul Projects

  • Pelham Blvd/Myrtle Ave/Raymond Ave - Mississippi River Boulevard to University Avenue - This is a component of the Saint Paul Grand Round. The project will implement a two-way protected bikeway on Pelham Boulevard and Myrtle Avenue. Bicycle lanes will be added to Raymond Avenue.


2016 Ramsey County Projects

  • Lexington Parkway - Juno Avenue to James Avenue - Ramsey County is reconstructing a portion of Randolph Avenue, which will include modifications to the intersection of Randolph Avenue and Lexington Parkway. The modifications will include installation of bike lanes on Lexington Parkway between Juno Avenue and James Avenue.
  • White Bear Avenue at Margaret Street Intersection - Ramsey County is reconstruction a portion of White Bear Avenue, which will include modifications to the intersection of Margaret Street and White Bear Avenue. The project will include a crossing treatment to facilitate east/west bicycle traffic on the Margaret Street bicycle boulevard.


2016 MnDOT Projects

  • TH-5 Redecking - MnDOT will be redecking the TH-5 bridge across the Mississippi River, including the bicycle and pedestrian trail on the north side of the bridge. The bridge will be closed to bicycle and pedestrian use Spring through Fall 2016.
  • Gateway State Trail and I-35E Corridor - The Gateway State Trail from Arlington Avenue to Cayuga Street will be closed for the 2016 season while MnDOT continues work on the I-35E project. The trail is anticipate to open sometime in 2016, including a new extension of the Gateway State Trail to University Avenue along L'Orient Street (where it will connect to a new trail constructed in 2016 along University Avenue - see above). The project will also include construction of a new off-street path along the east side of I-35E between Cayuga Street and Arlington Avenue. In addition, the project will include a short extension of the off-street path along Phalen Boulevard between Olive Street and L'Orient Street beneath I-35E.
  • Grotto & Mackubin Pedestrian Bridges - MnDOT will be reconstructing the Grotto Street and Mackubin Street bicycle and pedestrian bridges over I-94. Work is scheduled to begin in April 2016 and conclude in October 2016.


2017 MnDOT Projects

  • McKnight Road Trail - Burns Avenue to Old Hudson Road - As part of a larger project along I-94 through Saint Paul, MnDOT will be implementing some off-street path improvements on McKnight Road through the I-94 interchange area.


Current Planning Studies

  • Downtown Bicycle Network - This project will include a significant planning effort focused on developing a network of bikeways throughout downtown and improving connectivity between downtown and the surrounding neighborhoods. Phase I will be implemented in conjunction with the reconstruction of Jackson Street in 2016.
  • Grand Round - This planning effort is focused on creating a vision for the northern half of the Grand Round, including Pelham Boulevard, Raymond Avenue, Como Avenue, Wheelock Parkway, and Johnson Parkway.
  • Saint Anthony Avenue Traffic Calming - This planning effort is considering revisions to calm traffic and improve bicycle facilities on Saint Anthony Avenue from Prior Avenue to Snelling Avenue.


Prior Year Project Maps

The following is a map of all projects that impacted the bicycle network completed in 2015.