Certificate of Occupancy


All buildings with three or more dwelling units, commercial buildings, and industrial buildings must have a Certificate of Occupancy (C of O) issued by the Fire Department posted on the premises. The C of O shows that the building is in compliance with applicable fire, building, housing, and other codes.


C of O is a systematic inspection program, unlike other City programs which inspect only in response to complaints. Some commercial buildings are inspected annually while most are inspected on a two-year cycle. Residential buildings are also inspected on a two-year cycle. However, Fire Prevention will also inspect a building between scheduled inspections if complaints of violations are received.


If violations are found during an inspection, orders will be issued to correct the violations. The C of O can be revoked for severe violations which are not corrected. A building cannot be occupied or used if the C of O has been revoked. Call Fire Inspections at 651-266-9090 if you have questions about whether a building should have a C of O or for complaints.

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