1) I am selling or buying a house in Saint Paul. Whom should I call to make sure I have all the assessment information on the property?

Answer: Go to our Assessment Lookup to check for assessments on the property. You should also contact the following:

City of Saint Paul - Department of Safety and Inspections (DSI)


City charges that have not been sent to Real Estate/Assessments for processing as an assessment

Saint Paul Regional Water Services


Any unpaid water bills

Ramsey County Property Records and Revenue


Property taxes owed

2) Whom should I call with questions about city services?


Alley reconstruction   651-266-6155
Boulevard tree maintenance   651-266-6400
Citywide garbage service   651-266-6101
Recycling charges   651-266-6130
Sewer services   651-266-6250
Sidewalk repair & replacement   651-266-6120
Street lighting   651-266-9777
Streets and alleys (24-hour service number)   651-266-9700

3) Why are payments for the Storm Sewer System Charge mailed to Minneapolis?

The City of Saint Paul banks with US Bank and they have several locations in St. Paul.  However, the location for processing lockbox payments is located in Minneapolis so payments are sent there. 

4) I sent a payment for an assessment in December. Why was it returned to me?

Answer:  At the end of each calendar year the City is required to “certify” to Ramsey County a calculated amount of principal and interest owed by any property with unpaid city assessments. This amount is placed on the county property tax statement mailed to each property owner the following spring.

Payments received after November 15th for certified assessments are no longer payable to the City of Saint Paul, therefore they are returned to the payee.

Last Edited: November 29, 2022