Getting Started with Your Event

Multiple approvals from City departments and other government agencies may be needed to hold your event in Saint Paul. The approvals depend upon the nature of the event, the location, the activities that are planned, and if any food and beverages are provided. Keep in mind some approvals must be applied for up to 60 days before the scheduled event and may require multiple payments to separate City departments or other agencies.

Here you will find information about obtaining permits from City departments based on the location of your special event. You will also find a list of common questions about event-related licenses and permits required specifically by DSI.

Events Held on Public Property or Streets

Any individual or organization planning on hosting a block party, community festival, parade, race, or public assembly in city parks or streets must apply and receive a permit for the event(s) through the appropriate departments.

Common Permits and Licenses for Events

Last Edited: May 2, 2024