The City of Saint Paul does not provide garbage and refuse collection service.

Contact a licensed residential refuse hauler for service.

If you'd like, ask your neighbors about which garbage and refuse collection service they use. This will greatly limit additional trucks in your neighborhood.

Coordinated Collection

In 2016, the City started working towards Coordinated Collection, instituting a uniform system for collecting garbage throughout the city. 

Currently, Saint Paul residents must find their own hauler to have their garbage picked-up.  Haulers don’t necessarily work in specific areas, so several different haulers may collect from a single block on multiple days of the week.  With Coordinated Collection, collection zones are established and residents don’t need to sign up for collection – a hauler is already assigned and a standard price is already set.  

At the November 8 City Council meeting Council voted to accept the final negotiated contract with the Saint Paul haulers.  Following the vote, the current haulers established the St. Paul Haulers, LLC. which signed the contract with the City. Negotiations are ongoing with the City’s current haulers and a group of city officials are looking into other options. The City plans on starting the new Coordinated Collection system in the fall of 2018.

Learn more about Coordinated Collection.