Catch Basins

Plate Number Description
2003F Catch Basin Type 2A
2004E Catch Basin Type 2B
2007F Catch Basin Type 3C
2015J.pdf (372.06 KB)
Catch Basin Type 7A
2016C.pdf (380.02 KB)
Catch Basin Type 7B
2017 Catch Basin Type 2C

Construct Manholes

Plate Number Description
2101E Manhole Design Type I
2102F Manhole Design Type II
2103F Manhole Design Type III & III-S
2104F Manhole Design Type IV
2105F Manhole Design Type V & V-S
2106F Manhole Design Type VI
2107D Manhole Design Type VII
2109D Manhole Design Type VI-CT
2110D Manhole Design Type IV-A
2111C Manhole Design Type IV Precast
2112A Storm Sediment Trap Manhole
2113B (494.15 KB)
Rehab Brick Manhole
2114 Manhole Reconstruct for Rock Surfaces
2115A.pdf (61.46 KB)
Outside Drop Sanitary Manhole
2116 (77.41 KB)
Outside Drop Type 2
2117.pdf (72.49 KB)
Outside Drop Modification


Plate Number Description
2201E Frame Casting "A"
2202D Cover Castings "B"
2203 Cover Casting "D"
2211A Type 7A Catch Basin Casting Details
2212A Modified Type 7A Catch Basin Casting Details
2213 1" MH Adjusting Ring
2214A 1.5" MH Adjusting Ring
2215A 2" MH Adjusting Ring

Miscellaneous Sewer

Plate Number Description
2303C Standpipe for V.C.P. Sewer
2304B Standpipe for R.C.P. Sewer
2306H.pdf (370.41 KB)
Reconnection of House Services
2307B Special Joint for Jacked Pipe
2308D Construction Joint
2309E.pdf (284.29 KB)
Catch Basin Connection
2310C Typical Fill Section
2311B Anchor Clamp Detail
2317E Class "D" Pipe Bedding
2318D Concrete Saddle for Pipe Crossings
2320C Concrete Piers for Pipe Crossings 
2321D.pdf (405.9 KB)
Manhole Adjust
2322F Manhole Reconstruct
2323B Manhole Abandonment
2324A Sewer Coupling
2326.pdf (38.77 KB)
Butt Joint Pipe Connection Storm Sewer
2327.pdf (431.77 KB)
New/Reconnect Service to Large Circular Brick Tunnel
2328.pdf (433.13 KB)
New/Reconnect Service to Large Egg Shaped Brick Tunnel
2335.pdf (331.07 KB)
Residential Service Connections to Sandrock Tunnels
2336.pdf (313.63 KB)
Commercial Service Connections to Sandrock Tunnel
2337.pdf (543.46 KB)
Saddle Service Connections to Sewer Mains with Round Openings
2338.pdf (402.15 KB)
DIP Wye Connection to PVC C900 Sewer Main
2339.pdf (419.69 KB)
Service Connections to Sewer Mains with Irregular Openings and Wyes
2340.pdf (446.25 KB)
DIP Wye Connection with Sanitary Main Repair

Temporary Sediment Control 

Plate Number Description
2400A Storm Drain Inlet Protection
2401 Storm Drain Inlet Protection
2402 Storm Drain Inlet Protection
2403 Portable Sediment Containment System
2404 Floating Silt Curtain
2405 Tunnel Erosion Control

Sewer Easement

2500              Sewer Easement                                         

Last Edited: September 1, 2023