Project Overview

Coming Soon: Fall 2021 - 2022

The City Parks and Recreation Department will engage the community to inform and develop a Master Plan for Summit Avenue that reviews the corridor from the Mississippi River to Downtown Saint Paul.  During the process, there will be emphasis on developing a preferred cross section for the Lexington to Victoria segment, planned for reconstruction in 2023.  This Master Plan will serve as a guide to future transportation, pedestrian, and parkway improvements throughout this corridor.  

Funding has been secured from the Parks and Trails Legacy Grant.

Public Engagement

Share your thoughts and ideas about Summit Avenue!  Opportunities to participate are listed below.

  • Join the community conversation through the Engage Saint Paul website for Summit Avenue. (Available October 2021)
  • Connect with your local District Council to share feedback and get involved.  A Design Advisory Committee (DAC) will include representatives from each District along Summit Ave.  This advisory group will meet throughout the Master Plan process.
  • Share ideas at community events.  City staff will be at several events along Summit Avenue in October-November.

Anticipated Schedule

Oct-Nov.    Engagement Website & Project Kickoff

Dec-Jan.   Advisory Committee Meetings & Corridor Evaluation 
Feb-Mar.   Design Concepts, Master Plan Development, Advisory Committee Meetings
Apr-May    Release Preferred Alternatives
Jun-Aug.   Final Master Plan and Approval process

Last Edited: September 11, 2021