Project Overview

The City Parks and Recreation Department will engage community members to inform and develop a Plan for Summit Avenue that reviews the corridor from the Mississippi River to Downtown Saint Paul.  This Plan will evaluate opportunities, constraints, and feasibility of a regional trail facility within the corridor and will serve as a guide to future transportation, pedestrian, and parkway improvements.  

Funding for the Plan has been secured from the Parks and Trails Legacy Grant.

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March 7, 2023 - Please see below for an important update from Parks and Recreation Commission Chair Glaser-Kelly:

"Due to the forecasted snow, the Parks and Recreation Commission meeting scheduled for Thursday, March 9 will be postponed to the next regularly scheduled meeting on Thursday, April 13, which will take place at Palace Community Center. We want to ensure that everyone who wishes to attend the meeting can do so safely and without complication from the anticipated winter weather.

All items on the March 9 agenda will be laid over until April 13.

Public comments to the Parks and Recreation Commission pertaining to the laid over agenda items will be extended until 12pm on April 13."

This information has been updated in the "Project Timeline and Key Dates" section below. 


90% Draft Regional Trail Plan Now Available

The February public comment period on the 90% draft has concluded. Thank you to everyone who has participated and shared their feedback to help shape the plan!

90% Draft Regional Trail Plan 90% Draft Regional Trail Plan Executive Summary 90% Draft Summary Video

Public comments received in February 2023 on the 90% draft plan will be compiled and published shortly. There will be additional public comment opportunities available when the final plan is reviewed for formal approval. 

Last Edited: March 9, 2023