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Find information about specific business licenses below:

Alarm Installer (State of MN)

Alarm Permit (Burglar Alarm)

Amusement Device License

Amusement Ride License

Animal-related licenses and permits (Animal Control & Information)

Appliance repair (no license)

Auctioneer - Annual / Daily (Provided by Ramsey County)

Auto Body Repair / Painting Shop License

Auto Body Repair Garage License

Auto Repair Garage License


Bath House / Steam Room License

Beauty Salon (Zoning)

Bed & Breakfast License

Bicycle (State of MN)

Billiards Hall License

Bituminous (Asphalt) Contractor License

Block Party (Call 651-558-2350)

Boarding House License

Boat (State of MN)

Boiler - High Pressure Steam (State Licensing & Inspection)

Bowling Center License

Building Contractor License

Bulk Oil Storage License

Burglar Alarm Installation (need Installer)

Burglar Alarm Installer (Provided by the State)

Burglar Alarm Permit

Butcher (MDA)

Cabaret License

Catering License (MDH)

Certificate of Competency

Child Care Center (State of MN)

Christmas Tree Sales License

Cigarette / Tobacco License

Close-Out Sale License

Commercial Development Districts

Conversation / Rap Parlor License

Courtesy Bench License

Cross-Country Skiing (State of MN)

Currency Exchange License

Customer Appreciation - Food Sales (MDH)

Dance Hall License

Day Care - Private Home (Ramsey County)

Day Care Food License (MDH)

Dog License

Dangerous Dog License

Electrical Appliance Repair (no license)

Electrician (State of MN)

Elevator Repair (State of MN)

Entertainment License

Escort Service (no license)

Federal & State Alcohol Laws & Requirements

Finishing Shop License

Firearms License

Fishing License (State of MN)

Food - Boarding Facility License (MDH)

Food - Customer Appreciation (MDH)

Food Establishment Licenses (MDH)

Food Vending Machine License (MDA)

Food Vending Machine Owner License (MDA)

Food Processing / Packaging / Distributing (MDA)

Fuel Dealer License (Liquid)

Fuel Dealer License (Solid)

Furniture Cleaner (no license)

Gambling Forms & Licenses

Game Room License

Garage Sale

Gas Station License

Grocery (MDA)

Gum Ball Machine (no license)

Gun (Firearm) License

Hauling (no license unless rubbish)

Health / Sport Club License

Hospital Equipment Rental License

Hotel / Motel License

House Sewer Contractor License

Hunting License (State of MN)

Infectious Waste Processing Facility

Insulation Installation (see Building Contr.)

Janitorial Service (no license)

Keeping of Animals

Kitchenware Rental License

Landscape - Commercial (Provided by the State)

Landscape - Residential (see Building Contractor License)

Laundry / Dry Cleaning Pick-Up Station

Laundry / Dry Cleaning Plant License

Lawn Mower Repair (no license)

Lawn Mowing (no license)

Lawn Fertilizer / Pesticide Applicator

Limousine Service (no license)

Liquid Fuel Dealer License

Liquor Temporary Extension of Service Area

Liquor - Outdoor Service Area (Patio)

Liquor - Off Sale License

Liquor - On Sale License

Liquor - On Sale (Temporary) License

Liquor - Malt On Sale (Temporary) 3.2

Liquor - Wine On Sale (Temporary)

Lock Opening Services (no license)

Marriage License (Provided by Ramsey County)

Massage Center (Commercial) License

Massage Center (Home Location) License

Massage Center (Adult) License

Massage Practitioner License

Mechanical Amusement Device License

Mercantile Broker License

Mobile Food Vehicle License (MDH)

Mobile Retail License

Motor Vehicle Salvage Dealer License

Movie Theater (see "Theater" below)

Nail Salon (Call 651-266-9008)

News Stand (Call 651-487-7250)

Noise (Sound) Level Variance Permit

Nursery, Plant (Provided by the State)

Painting House Numbers (no license)

Painting Houses (no license)

Parade (Call 651-292-3525)

Parking Lot License

Parking Garage (Ramp) License

Pawn Shop License

Pedal Car Business & Vehicle

Pedal Car Driver License

Peddler License

Pedicab Vehicle License

Pest Control License

Pet Grooming Facility License

Pet Shop License

Plant Nursery (Provided by the State)

Pool & Billiard Hall License

Private Fuel Pump (no license)

Private Swimming Pool (no license)

Public Swimming Pool License

Rap (Conversation) Parlor License

Real Estate License (Provided by the State)

Recycling Collection Center License

Recycling Processing Center License

Rental of Clothing Vehicle (no license)

Rental of Hospital Equipment License

Rental of Kitchenware License

Rental of Trailers License

Rental Hall License

Restaurant Licenses (MDH)

Retail Food Establishment Licenses (MDA)

Retail Sales (no license)

Sanitary Disposal Business (State of MN)

Sanitary Disposal Vehicle License

Second Hand Dealer - Exhibition

Second Hand Dealer - Multiple Dealer

Second Hand Dealer - Single License

Sewer Cleaning (no license)

Sewer Contractor License - Home

Short Term Rentals

Shrub Trimming (no license)

Sidewalk Cafe License

Sidewalk Contractor Bond

Skiing (see Cross-Country Skiing)

Snow Plowing / Removal (no license)

Solicitor License

Soliciting Funds (no license on private property or for donation jar in store)

Solid Fuel Dealer License

Solid Waste Hauler License

Solid Waste Transfer Station License

Special Event Food Sales Information - MDA

Special Event Food Sales Information - MDH

Special Event Food Sales (Nonprofit)

Special Event Food (Restaurant Extension) (MDH)

Special Event Licenses - MDA

Special Event Licenses - MDH

Sport (Health) Club License

State (and Federal) Alcohol Laws & Requirements

Steam Room / Bath House License

Tag Days License

Tanning Facility License

Tattoo Parlor (Body Art) License

Taxicab Driver License

Taxicab Service Company License

Taxicab Vehicle License

Theater / Movie Theater License 

Theater / Movie Theater License - MDA

Theater / Movie Theater License - MDH

Tire Recapping Plant License

Tobacco / Cigarette License

Tool Sharpening (no license)

Tow Truck / Wrecker Operator License

Tow Truck / Wrecker Vehicle License

Trailer Rental License

Transient Merchant License

Transportation Network Companies (TNC) - Application Materials and Ordinance

Tree Trimmer & Vehicle License

Trimming Shrubs (no license)

Uniform License & Permit Bond

Vehicle Licenses

Vehicle Immobilization 

Video Store (no license)

Waste Transfer Station (Solid)

Whirlpool License

Window Cleaning License

Wrecker / Tow Truck Vehicle License

Last Edited: November 18, 2021