Class specifications shall not be a part of the Civil Service Rules but shall be maintained by the Human Resources Director as an administrative tool. The Human Resources Director may make changes in the class specifications as the Director sees fit. However, if a change in a class specification is challenged or protested by any individual or group, the change must be approved by resolution of the City Council.

Such rules or amendments which are approved by the Council shall be submitted within five days of their passage to the Civil Service Commission for their approval or rejection. Within ten business days the Civil Service Commission shall either approve and sign the measure or shall return it to the Council with a communication in writing stating their disapproval and the reason. If the Commission neither signs nor vetoes the measure within ten business days, it shall be deemed approved. Any such measure which is vetoed by the Civil Service Commission may be reconsidered by the Council and shall become law if passed by an affirmative vote of at least five members of the Council within 30 days of the veto. Any such measure which has been reconsidered by the Council and re-passed shall be deemed approved.

Last Edited: March 22, 2023