10% Club Youth Program Fund

Eligibility & Application Process

10% Club Applications must be resubmitted on an annual basis.  Saint Paul Parks and Recreation begins this process in October of each year. The applications will be reviewed for eligibility and recommendations will go to City Council in early December for final approval. 

Application Form & Affidavit

10% Club Application Review Process

Complete the application form and submit it, along with a signed and notarized affidavit and all required supporting documents to:

Saint Paul Parks and Recreation
ATTN: Eric Thompson
25 W. 4th St., 400 City Hall Annex,
Saint Paul, MN 55102

Once application packets are received:

  1. Proposals will be reviewed by Parks and Recreation for:
    1. Verification your organization is a current non-profit
    2. Verification your organization is formed “solely” for the purpose of serving youth
    3. Your organization’s ability to meet new ACP/ACP 50 community needs criteria 
    4. Affidavit, signed and notarized is included with your application
    5. Your application contains all required information and supporting documents
  2. The Dept. of Safety and Inspections will review each application for compliance with the charitable gambling ordinance.
  3. Recommendations will be forwarded to City Council for final approval and adoption. Upon approval by City Council, Organizations will be notified by staff of their inclusion onto the list for that year.

Please contact Eric Thompson at eric.thompson@ci.stpaul.mn.us or 651-755-5661 with any questions regarding the application and/or eligibility process.

Learn more about the Youth Program Fund

Last Edited: October 23, 2023