10% Club

10% Club Youth Program Fund

Eligibility & Application Process

10% Club Applications must be resubmitted on an annual basis. Parks and Recreation will begin this process in October of each year. 10% Club applications for the upcoming year will be due on Friday, November 16, 2018. The applications will be reviewed for eligibility and recommendations will go to City Council in early December for final approval.

Application Forms

10% Club Application Review Process

Saint Paul Parks and Recreation administers the application process of the program. Applications are reviewed by Parks and Recreation for eligibility requirements. The Department of Safety and Inspections then reviews the application to ensure compliance with current charitable gambling ordinances. Recommendations from Parks and Recreation and DSI are submitted via resolution to the City Council for approval.

1. Proposals will be reviewed by Parks and Recreation for:

a) Completeness of information
b) Eligibility under guidelines
c) Ability to obtain independent insurance coverage
d) Sound financial information

2. Proposals will be reviewed by the Department of Safety and Inspections.
3. Upon approval by City Council, organizations will be notified by staff of their eligibility onto the list for that year.

Please contact Eric Thompson at eric.thompson@ci.stpaul.mn.us or 651-266-6441 with any questions regarding the application and/or eligibility process.

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